Best Drugstore Products for Rosacea / Redness

Best Drugstore Products for Rosacea and Redness

As some of you know, I've been struggling with rosacea for the past couple years and have been on a quest to figure out a skin routine/products that work for me! I've discovered some products that really seem to work for me over the last 6 months or so, so I thought I would share in case any of you are struggling with it too! Even if you don't have rosacea, these products are great for sensitive skin in general or those prone to redness!

I should preface this by saying that I did go through a round of antibiotics 2 years ago and then used a prescription gel (metro gel) to help get it under control. The antibiotics worked great, though I didn't find the gel did much at all. Unfortunately one cannot stay on a high dose of antibiotics very long...

The first product discovery I made was Avene's anti-rougeurs line. Here in Canada I find this at Shoppers Drug Mart, and while pricey in my books (about $32 for a small tube) it did really seem to work in getting my redness under control. It took a couple weeks to notice a difference, but I definitely noticed my skin was significantly less red while using it.

Finding it hard to justify the price of that month after month, I tried out Aveno's Ultra-Calming line after seeing Merritt recommend it. I picked up the day moisturizer and the foam cleanser and during my very first use I noticed how NICE they felt on my skin. I just had a little "Ahhh..." moment when lathering up my face with the cleanser. After a week I noticed my skin was looking and feeling much better, and these have been my go-to since then. They are super affordable, available pretty much everywhere, and work as good if not better than the more expensive Avene line. I'm completely sold! Love love love these products. I also picked up their night cream as I really don't need to be putting SPF on to go to bed.

So beyond cleansing & moisturizing, I had a hard time finding makeup that would cover my redness and last all day. Enter Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation. You guys, this stuff is so good. Full coverage without being cakey and covers my redness all day long. I absolutely love this stuff.

And this is not so much rosacea related, but while trying out the foundation I picked up a couple other Maybelline products and found the best concealer I've ever used next to Benefit's Erase Paste. Maybelline Master Conceal is thick and creamy and goes on so nicely.

So there you have it! This isn't to say I don't still get flushed with redness sometimes (hello, red wine...one of my worst triggers but who can say no to wine?) but these products have definitely helped me treat & cover and generally just feel really good on my skin. 

Have you tried any products for redness or rosacea? I'd love to hear your experiences & recs!!