Bring on Summer

We had a stretch of hot sunny days followed by a stretch of gray rainy days - which, to be honest, haven't been awful because it's allowed for one more stretch of netflix binges and making soup before summer hits full force! (Downton Abbey and this delicious tuscan bean soup, to be specific) 

But now I'm feeling more than ready for some summer weather and all the cute outfits that go with it! Here's a little round up of some super cute summer pieces - Old Navy has been killing it with cute summer dresses (Unfortunately our closest Old Navy is an hour and a half away, so I need to make a trip soon to stock up!) and how cuuuuuute is that black lace up romper? So perfect for a night out, and could work with both a strappy heel or a more casual lace up espadrille! LOVE it. 

What's your favorite? What else are you craving this summer?