100 Years of Workout Style!

I always love these "100 Years of Style" videos I find on Mode, and since the new year brings about all kinds of health & fitness thoughts and goals, I thought I'd share their 100 Years of Workout Style! And maybe more interesting than the clothes themselves are all the gadgets used to exercise in each decade! We definitely had a thighmaster in our house growing up in the 90s!! 

What's your favorite decade featured here? I have to admit, I'm still loving the 80s when it comes to workout attire! (In this video, I should clarify! Haha I don't wear 80s workout attire to exercise in!) 


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  2. They are thick enough to not be see-through but thin enough to not get hot. The carbon 38 workout clothes stretch soooo well. I love the thick waistband because when I sit down, no lower back or crack shows! I am 5'3" 130lbs and got a size small. So worth the money.