Song of the Week!

Happy Friday!  There's a few songs I've been listening to on repeat lately, and this is definitely one of them. I just love it. MisterWives is a band I need to explore more, as I've only heard a few songs, but I am definitely loving what I've heard so far! 

And it's the WEEKEND! While I'm supremely happy it's weekend time, I have mixed emotions going into it. I'm supposed to be travelling for my niece's baptism but we're also supposed to get a massive snowstorm (50+ cm! How is this even possible? There is truly nowhere to put it, we are already buried in snow). So it's looking like we won't be making it for that. And then it's Valentine's day! Which I didn't put much thought into because we were going to be heading to the baptism and hanging with my fam. But now if we're staying put... we have no plans! Ha! But just as long as we're together, right? 

Whatever you do & whoever you're with, I hope you enjoy every moment! Happy love weekend!

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  1. I can't believe all the snow you're getting!! Stay warm girl! xo