Wet Weather

Rain boots to fit any style! Great alternatives to classic hunters!

While rain boots may be thought of as more of a spring thing, they definitely come in super handy during the winter. They are not warm by any means (if we're talking true Canadian winters!) though inserts and insoles can help that. But trudging through slushy, snowy, wet grossness is made much easier when you're wearing waterproof boots! 

I'm not sure about other parts of the world, but here in Canada they use salt on the streets and sidewalks to combat the ice so things aren't as slippery, and these wreaks havoc on your poor leather boots. They get absolutely ruined with salt stains. So aside from staying nice & dry, rain boots also help to preserve your nice leather boots for better weather!

Above is a roundup of rain boots in all price ranges. We all love the classic hunters, but if you want something a little different or aren't willing to shell out $175 for a pair of wellies, here are some alternatives for you! Over half of these are under $100 and range from sleek little booties that don't even look like rain boots to more classic styles!