Living Room Inspiration

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a great weekend! We continued to work away unpacking and setting up our new home - which seems never ending but I know we'll get there eventually! 

I think anytime you move to a new place you get that itch to redecorate and start fresh, but I feel like it's 10x more intense when you buy a place, because you know you will be there for years & years. Above is my vision of what I'd love my living area to look like. We just painted our kitchen/dining area the paint color above (Smoke by Benjamin Moore) which opens into our living room (which we just painted white) and we are probbbbbably going to invest in the couch above as well, which I think will just transform the whole living space. I will be happy to ditch my 10 year old "first purchase out of college" couch - it has definitely seen better days and the sectional will just suit the space so much more! Plus will make a comfy cozy movie-watching spot to have friends over this winter! 

Speaking of winter we have a crunchy slushy layer of white on the ground already. And so it begins. 


  1. I love all of these picks!! It must be so much more fun going through Pinterest these days :)

    UGH - I don't envy your weather right now. We have a dusting here in Toronto, but I know it's nothing in comparison. So not cool...

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  2. Our decorating visions are creepily similar!! I'm not looking forward to snow at all- we also had a light dusting the other day that I woke up to and wanted to immediately crawl back into bed!

    That pitcher is especially darling!


  3. nice items ; -))


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  4. LOVE that couch! I've recently made the decision for a slate gray couch with a layout on one side just like this! I think gray is a nice compromise to the cream that I really want and for all of the freakin' time I spend loungin' watching Scandal & How to Get Away with Murder, I better have a comfy one.

    - Sarah :)