Fall Wardrobe Must Haves with Destination Femme

10 Cool Season Wardrobe Basics to Stay Stylishly Warm

While seeing summer end is always a little bit sad, there is something so fresh and exciting about fall. Maybe it’s the nostalgic “back to school” feeling that stays with us long after our school days are done – particularly, back to school shopping! Fall brings an urge to shop like no other season. Your summer dresses and sandals get packed away and all of a sudden you’re feeling the need to load your closet with as much cozy fall goodness as possible. But this can be both overwhelming and expensive. There's no reason why you can't transition some of your summer pieces into fall and winter ones as long as you have the right wardrobe basics! Where do you start?

Before you get caught up in the trends of the season, it’s important to make sure you have the basics down. Basics can stretch your wardrobe so much farther and are the building blocks of any outfit. Below is a list of 10 classic items that will get you through the fall season and can easily be mixed & matched with trendier pieces.