My Current Fall Wishlist

A week or so ago, I would have felt like I was jumping the gun a little bit by posting a fall wishlist. It still felt like SUMMER. But this week... this week I have shut my windows, turned off my ceiling fan, spent the nights curled up in my blankets and shivered when leaving for work in the morning. Even if not officially, fall has pretty much arrived.

I'm envisioning a more casual fall. I always fill my closet with dresses, many of which I rarely find an occasion to wear, but this fall I want lots of skinnies, sweaters, plaid and general coziness. The equestrian style Hunter boots are on their way to me now from Shopbop (cannot waaaait) as well as that cute v-neck varsity sweater. My closet seriously lacks sweaters, last fall & winter I ended up rotating the same 3 sweaters over & over, so I jumped at this one - such a good price at Eluxe!

I also mentioned before my growing love for leather leggings & pants, and these French Connection ones look absolutely perfect, and they're at a great price point, too! 

So overall, I'm feeling comfy, slightly edgy basics with cute accessories like cute winter hats, shimmery green nail polish, and always gorgeous Kate Spade accessories! What's on your fall wishlist? 


  1. nice items! ;-)


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  2. I am so on the hunt for the perfect striped tee!


    1. Me too! I feel like for such a basic they are SO hard to find! Let me know if you find a great one!

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    1. Aren't they so sweet? Love how preppy they are! They'd look so good with skinny jeans & a sweater or blouse!

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  5. I don't know what it is about this time of year that turns me in to a crazy emerald-loving woman, but I do. So, the skirt, nail polish and earrings are right up my alley.

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  6. I want those boots & that beautiful green skirt! Cant wait for fall :)
    great blog! So glad I found it!
    Amanda |affordablebyamanda.blogspot.com