A Sweet, Simple Flat

One thing my wardrobe is seriously lacking right now is a pair of black flats. My ones from previous years have officially died, and they are an absolute essential for me. Every morning when I get dressed I end up frustrated with what shoes to wear, knowing that a simple black flat would be exactly what I need. 

I've been eyeing these 3 pairs from Zara - they're all super affordable, pretty little flats but I can't decide which ones I like best! 

So what do you think? The quilted, the patent or the jeweled?


  1. I think the quilted ones are the most classic. Patent gets scruffed too easily. I like the jewelled ones too but I don't think theyre as versitile as the quilted ones.

  2. I'd definitely go quilted ones! Although I am a bit biased as I have a pair of Joe Fresh quilted ones and I just love the look. It is a classic!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  3. fine shoes ;-)


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  4. All of these flats are great but my favorites are the third, they are a real eyecatcher :)
    xo Kristina

  5. The jeweled ones are so cute, I'd spotted those over here in the UK and a more affordable alternative to the Boden ones everybody is raving after x

  6. i was just having this dilemma the other day! It's so so hard to find good black flats! I LOVE the quilted pair! i tend to go for loafers or pointy ones! xo


  7. Haha! I just went through this! I bought an amazing quilted pair from Aldo in 2010, and wore them to DEATH. They lasted me two years, and I have kept them in a plastic bag in the closet ever since, as a reference for what the "perfect" flat is like. >.< I finally found a new pair (not quilted, but oh how I wish they were!) at Aldo, with a little bow on them and they fit the same. So I bit the bullet and bought them. I JUST threw out that plastic bag last week. Gee whiz.

    My point is... go with the quilted. And black flats are incredibly important. :P