Weekend Wear

Happy long weekend, friends! After a very busy summer filled with weddings, baby showers and rugby games galore, I am so happy to be spending this weekend at home without any real plans. A few social things here and there, but no major commitments! The fella and I spent a leisurely Saturday going to the farmer's market, wandering around downtown, running a few errands and lounging around eating pizza. It's been a good kick off to this restful weekend! 

Since most of my time will be spent at home, running errands or just hanging out, the above would be my ideal outfit to be wearing this weekend! Comfy, cute and casual.

I hope you all have a fantastic labour day weekend! 


  1. cute bag ;-)


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  2. I love this look! And that sounds like a great labor day weekend, sometimes the best ones are when you can just relax.. :)