Hey Boyfriend

Linea Pelle Dylan Bag, Fidelity Denim Boyfriend Jeans, Fuchsia Heels
Blue Green Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses, Smart Set Striped Peplum
Linea Pelle Dylan Bag, Boyfriend Jeans, Fidelity Denim, Striped Peplum, Fuchsia Pink Pumps
Fuchsia Heels, Boyfriend Jeans, Fidelity Denim
Blazer: Gap, Peplum: Smart Set, Jeans: c/o Fidelity Denim, Shoes: Vince Camuto, Bag: c/o Linea Pelle, Sunglasses: ASOS (now on sale for less than $20!), Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Stella & Dot

Happy Monday, friends! 

I took a little blogging break at the end of last week, not because I didn't have posts to share, but because a nearby city in my province had a major tragedy last week that left us all a little shaken and it just felt inappropriate to be like "hey, look at my outfit!" while everything was going on. I don't like to get too serious on this blog, but essentially, a gunman carrying multiple assault weapons was on the loose and shot 5 RCMP officers, killing 3. The city was on lockdown as the manhunt went on for a couple days and finally he was caught. In our friendly, small-town maritime province these things just don't happen very often, and for that I am very thankful, but it certainly is heartbreaking and rattling when it does happen.

Ugh, so how do you move on to outfit chat from there? Just awkwardly, I suppose. I haven't been wearing a lot of jeans lately because I've been wearing my denim jacket like crazy, and so I forced myself to step away from the denim jacket on this day and sport my new boyfriend jeans from Fidelity with a black blazer for a casual work event before I left for vacation! They are super comfy and I love the wash. I paired them with one of my favorite tops as of late, this fun black & white striped peplum from Smart Set and brightened it up with splashes of color! 

I hope you all had a great weekend & have a wonderful week!


  1. So scary...I hate how this crap keeps happening and there's no easy solution...or even a hard solution for that matter. Ahem...anyway, glad to see you're OK and looking fabulous again! Those jeans are great - they look so soft!

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  2. In love with your pumps! That is a lot going on, glad you got through it all safely!


  3. Boyfriend jeans are the best. They are so comfortable and instantly chic. I'm sorry to hear about all the troubles you have gone through!

  4. THANK GOD they caught him. This was (obviously) all over the news here (Ontario) but I can only imagine how terrifying it was in Moncton.

  5. When I first heard what was going on in Moncton, I thought people were making it up because it sounded so surreal. Of course, one quick look on social media and I was completely shocked. I can't even imagine how terrifying that way, but the only good news is that they caught him.

    On a lighter note, I love the new boyfriend jeans. The wash is a perfect shade for summer!

    xo Jackie
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