Song of the Week!

I've mentioned a time or ten over the last couple weeks that I'm heading to Sasquatch Festival in Washington and today is officially the day - well, the day we leave. The festival doesn't start until next Thursday, but today we drive to Maine and tomorrow we fly out. I am SO EXCITED. 

I've been trying to feature a few of the bands we'll be seeing while we're there, and while I am definitely most excited to see The National, Elbow, and Foals, I've already featured those 3 as my song of the week numerous times already! So today I thought I'd share Banks, a fairly new to me artist that I'm looking forward to checking out! 

I've got a few posts scheduled for you over the next bit and I'll be instagramming a lot while I'm away so be sure to follow along there! xoxo!

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  1. LOVE this song :)

    - Sarah :)