Discovering Your Why

This post stems from my Resolution Update post a little bit, and I actually only started typing this out for myself, with no intention to share it, but rather just to sort out my own thoughts. But then I thought I'd try something a little different share it with you all!

I read an article recently about discovering your "why" when it comes to losing weight/getting fit. That if you can determine why you're doing it, it helps you stay on track. People often give vague answers like "to be healthier" which yes, is incredibly important, but if you have specific goals or motivators in mind, it will help you stay committed. 

And while this post may seem a little off topic, it does relate to personal style, because there are things I feel like I can't wear or a lot of shapes and silhouettes I stick to because they cover up the parts of me I'm a little insecure about. A lot of these sound silly, I realize this, and obviously our overall health is the most important reason for any of us to exercise & eat right, but just for fun, here are a few of my other (more superficial) why's that help keep me motivated:

1. To wear bright/fun yoga pants. (Like these!) I stick to black and it's because I'm self conscious. My hot yoga classes are filled with girls wearing super fun printed yoga pants and I want to be one of them.

2. To thoroughly enjoy being at the beach. To say yes to any invite to go swimming/tubing/beaching this summer without worrying who might be there to see me in my swim suit.

3. To wear shorts in the summer without feeling like my thighs are exploding out of the bottom. I want to feel comfortable wearing a pair of denim cut offs on a hot summer day. 

4. To wear white/light colored denim - something I currently love but is one of my biggest fitting room cringe-inducers.

5. To fit back into the large number of beautiful items I have hanging in my closet that don't quite fit anymore. My wardrobe will literally double if I can shed this extra weight, without even having to buy anything new! 

So there you have it. This post is certainly not meant to be a downer post about my insecurities, but more just for fun and to give some insight as to what is keeping me on track with my goals! I think most girls, regardless of size, shape, weight or fitness level, have things they're insecure about or frivolous little goals like these in the back of their minds. 

So this is what I'm going to think about on those days I feel like giving up! Feel free to share what motivates you in the comments! I'd love to hear!


  1. There are lots of things I don't wear but am keeping for similar reasons, for the moment they are good motivators to continue my pursuit of healthiness - running and health eating etc. I do sometimes feel like my style is definitely changed from what it normally would be by my perception of how I look in things now versus when I was smaller, but something I have been realizing more is that when I look through posts from bloggers I follow of all shapes and sizes I never think about their size - I just think about their style and also generally feel like everyone looks fantastic! So I try to remember that probably most people aren't as quick to critique as I am myself.

    1. Rebecca, that is so, so true! We are definitely our harshest critics and you're right, I follow bloggers because of their style & not because of their shape & size! Definitely a good point about not being so hard on ourselves!

  2. Great post Kate! I think you're absolutely right that it's important to know exactly why someone wants to exercise and lose weight. I also find it's a lot more motivating to stay fit when your goals are specific, and not vague notion of what healthy should be. I *think* I personally like to work out in order to physically feel healthy. I really had to think about here, because I honestly don't think I've ever asked myself the question of why do I work out. I notice that if I don't exercise for a week, my energy is low, I feel nauseous, and well, guilty on top of that. So I think that's what keeps me going. I think I'm also motivated by the idea of being strong - I dislike feeling physically weak and I guess exercising is a good way to stay on top of that. I'm with ya on the goal of wearing a swimsuit without thinking about it twice - I always get self conscious about what I look like in a swimsuit. I mean geez, it's basically thick stretchy underwear!

    Seriously great post - being open and honest about your goals is a great way to stay motivated!

    Bold Subtlety

  3. This is a great post! I think my why is the same as yours with the white denim... and also to be able to wear my favorite jeans and not have to wear a loose top to disguise muffin top. And to wear tank tops and not worry about properly angling my arms out!!

  4. I hear ya on #3!!


  5. White jeans are from the devil. From the front they are ok and then the back view is like 'what is that?'... 30 years into searching for the perfect pair;)
    Have fun at yoga;)

  6. What a brave post, Kate. First off, I look at every single picture of you and think you look fantastic, so I think you are a harsh critic of yourself (but aren't we all to ourselves?) Human nature I guess.

    I am currently sitting 5-8 pounds heavier than my ideal. It might not seem like a lot, but I'm very tiny-boned. It's not enough to require new pants, but it is enough to make sitting uncomfortable and I can display quite the muffin top if my posture gets sloppy. Our wedding is in 7 months so I need to get going with both fitness and food choices if I want to look my best for the wedding. I do T25 semi-regularly, but I think my biggest issue is with snacking. My fiance thinks I should get a trainer, but I know what to do (I'm a physiotherapist and I know how to eat healthy), I'm just not good at staying motivated. I feel I shouldn't have to pay money just for the motivation part. Now that I've typed it, perhaps I'll be motivated to make the changes. Thanks, Kate! xo


  7. This is really inspirational and timely for me. I've gained weight since September and even though people say they don't notice it and I haven't really changed clothing sizes at all, its something that I'm very aware of. I feel like I can physically feel the weight in my stomach. (Like Jen, when I'm sitting I'm very aware of those pounds.) Especially since a lot of the shapes I really love just look much better on a smaller frame- that I already didn't have to start with. So, even though I know I should say, "I want to lose weight to be healthier!" thats not really truly the case with me. But I'm terrible about motivation. I rarely work out (my gym membership is money down the drain) and I eat terribly. But it seems like even when I'm trying really hard and doing well with my diet, I somehow mess it up (like an ice cream sandwich AND a brownie on the same day...) so maybe I should write it out and really be thoughtful about my answers.


  8. I can relate to so many of these! That's why 2 days ago I started the 30 Day Shred programme on YouTube. Hopefully, I can wear some bodycone dresses and shorts without hating some parts of my reflection after this. :)

  9. Great post Kate! I've recently committed to working out/eating a little healthier. Fingers crossed that I stick with it!


  10. I love this post! I don't think it was a downer at all. Many of your reasons for wanting to lose weight are the same as mine. Especially #2 and #4. I just started a healthier eating plan too (I think it's that time of year). Good luck reaching your goal!!

    xo Amy

  11. It's so hard to eat healthy and work out when the weather is crummy, but these are great points to remember! Bring on the warm weather!!

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