Resolution Update

We're into the second week of February, and it seems like this is the time when all of those resolutions we made start drifting away - we lose our motivation, we get frustrated, we get distracted by life, and the things that felt so important at the beginning of the year feel less so now. So I thought it was the perfect time to do a resolution update of sorts, and while I hope it motivates you to keep up with whatever resolutions you made, I'm doing it mostly as a reminder to myself to keep going, as I'm feeling a little defeated this morning.

I mentioned a few of my resolutions in my 2013 re-cap post but hadn't really organized my thoughts at that point. Essentially, my resolutions revolve around taking a look at all of those little things that bother me and fixing what I can, and accepting what I cannot. Maybe it's life after 30, but I had noticed over the last couple years various things that I hadn't had to deal with before - bad skin, breaking hair, and more than a few extra pounds.

So what have I accomplished in the last 6 weeks? I've upped my hot yoga and discovered barre class, and between the two have been going 3-4 times per week. I love barre and I can thank Grace for the inspiration to finally try it. It definitely emphasizes that I am not the most graceful person in the world - a ballerina, I am not  - but the burn I feel in my legs and butt afterwards is worth any awkwardness. Have I seen any results yet? To be honest, not really - BUT, I am almost 32 years old, and things just don't happen as quickly as they used to. I keep reminding myself that these things take time, and if I keep at it, my body and the scale will reflect my efforts in time.

I've been bringing my lunch to work for the most part, and any days that I do not, I have been getting turkey wraps or spinach salads from a local deli rather than the heavy cafeteria or food court food I was consuming before. I've been trying to make good decisions every day. They're not always perfect, but they're better. 

A few of you have giggled over my eyebrow resolution, but after treating myself to an eyebrow wax before the holidays, the girl told me I had a great natural arch but had ruined it with plucking! I decided then to commit to at least 5 appointments. I just had my 3rd, and I must say I'm pretty happy with the results.

Skin! Oh, skin. It's been giving me trouble this past year, with little red bumps all over my cheeks. I thought maybe this was some form of adult acne, but I went to my doctor and we confirmed that I have rosacea so I'm currently on an antibiotic treatment to get it under control. It can take up to two months to work and so far I've only noticed minor improvements, but this is something I am committed to getting under control.

Hair wasn't on my original list of resolutions, but after noticing yet another chunk of hair had broken off on one side of my head, I decided it was time to tackle that as well. I'm naturally fair haired but have been getting mega blonde highlights for years, and it, along with flat irons, curling irons, etc, have taken their tole. I also noticed most of the breakage was happening on the side that I sleep on every night. So, I opted for a subtle ombre last time I got my hair done to let some of my natural color grow in and to give it a break from the bleach. I got some better shampoo & conditioner, and recently picked up a satin pillowcase which is supposed to help a lot with breakage through the night. I'm still deciding on a treatment of some sort, but plan to pick one up soon. 

So there you have it! 6 weeks in and still going strong on all accounts. Am I (extremely) frustrated that the scale hasn't budged and I still have red bumps on my cheeks? Heck yes. But I'm going to keep going. Small steps every day.

What resolutions did you make? Which have you stuck to? Which have fallen to the wayside? And more importantly, what are you gonna do about it?


  1. Well done Kate! I'm glad you're still going strong on all your resolutions. It's hard not to fall off the bandwagon after a month or so, so I'm really happy that you're still motivated! I'm also glad you're talking about your process through the blog because a) you know it'll help someone else stay motivated and b) you're being honest about who you are, which frankly, is quite refreshing in the blogging community.

    As for the brows, I've totally noticed a difference and I think the new shape suits you very much. Brows seem like such a small thing, but they make a massive difference in framing your face. I think I need to get mine re-shaped actually - you'll have to tell me who you go to!

    As for my resolutions, mine were (mostly) to 1) be more involved in the film community and 2) tone down the shopping to necessary closet items. For resolution #1, I'm on track and have taken some workshops. Yay! For #2, I think I'm not completely on track, but still better than before. I'm donating a lot of clothes I'm not going to wear/not wearing, and trying to make my closet a bit more compact and practical. However, there's a few things that weren't needed that were purchased (hello 3rd flowered dress!).

    Great post! Glad you're sharing some insight into your life! :)

    Bold Subtlety

  2. January was a really shitty month. A few tearful phone calls to my Dad proved that for me. But I'll tell you what he told me when I was down & out. Every single day is a brand new day & it's up to us & only us what we want that day to be. Every day is another chance to get it right. Or take a step towards the end goal of getting it right for US. It's like quitting smoking.. the hardest part is making the decision to change, and you have already done that! The HARDEST part! Deciding & dedicating. Now you just keep reminding yourself that you decided something for yourself & let that fuel every decision you make towards these goals.

    Weight. Keep. on. going. I can attest to the fact that it took me like, honestly, a year and a half, going to the gym 5 times a week, to lose the weight I gained in Ireland, which was like.. 30 pounds? And get where I wanted to be. But once I got it off, it was way more about maintenance. And diet. And decisions. I was a few years younger for sure, but I think it's fully attainable with the right amt of dedication. My coworker has gone from 165 to 140 in 3 months after COMPLETELY revamping her diet, workout regimen, vitamin intake, hydration, and meal plans. Just remember that you CAN do it, but it is hard hard hard hard HARD work.

    Skin. This is going to get better! I think the fact that you have a diagnosis and a regimen to fix it will start to show really soon. My mom was diagnosed with rosacea after her last child & went through a very similar regimen to yours, and now has a maintenance plan, and hasn't had a flare up in forever. You can get this under control!

    Hair. This seems to be an issue for many ladies in my life lately, and I'm wondering if it's a combination of our ages + years of dye-ing. Maybe hair can only take constant dye-jobs for so long? I'm not sure! What I want to know is.. what the heck hasn't my mom's hair broken off yet?! She's been going blonde since 1975. Legit. I have fine hair, so I have MAJOR fear I am going to be like, bald, in the front part of my hair when I get older. Yikes.

    Eyebrows. Are you going to Blonde Inc. for this? I ask because I have heard great things about them & I am definitely noticing/liking your brows! I have been considering a brow tint. I'm happy with my shape (I've never plucked them ever!) but I want them to be darker in some sparse parts. Tell me where you've been going!

    If it makes you feel any better, I've megatron failed with my "resolutions"!

    1: Stop sleeping with technological devices. Nope.. this is still happening. I am still dating Apple Inc.

    2: Stick to hot yoga. Oh hi.. I have only been there once in the new year. It's because I need to buckle down and get my full year membership. Oh, $$$.

    3: Drink more water. Oh hi.. Nope. I have brought a water bottle to work ONCE since the new year. Bad bad bad.

    4: Start writing things down. I started writing down writing TOPICS.. so one step at a time?

    5: Do the cabot trail. Well.. I need some time with this one. And to attempt it when it's not a polar vortex outside.

    6: Get contact lenses. Nope, and maybe won't ever. Eye exam/contact consultation = fucked eye diagnosis. On eye steroids now & won't ever be a contact wearer. Boooo.

    7: Downsize & organize.. Beyond a new purse.. NOPE. Fail fail fail.

    So as you can see, I've really failed to step up to my resolutions so far, but the good news is that your resolution revisit has inspired me. I had a really piss poor January and was physically & mentally unable to accomplish things for like, half of it, so I'm going to be easy on myself. I decided that February 1st was my "new years day", so that technically means that I have until mid MARCH to make some headway. :)

    So! Keep on keepin' on. Listen to "Stronger" by Kanye West. Don't stop thinking about tomorrow. Etc.


    1. Thanks, friend! Yes, I think your Dad is totally right - on my down days I try to find a new way to motivate myself rather than giving up and eating a poutine! ;) Every day I choose to do good things for myself is a day closer to my goal. And yes, you spent like half of January sick in bed, so you definitely can't blame yourself for not getting a good start on your resolutions! I think not sleeping with technological devices, as silly as it can sound, is SUCH a good one!

      Oh, and I go to Katie at Blonde for my eyebrows! She is great - I've gone to other people in the past at avalon, etc but the reason I'm sticking with her is that she was super blunt with me and really seemed to know what she was talking about. Other girls I've gone to have been more like "Soo... what kind of shape do you think you want?" and I'm like "I dunno...eyebrow shape? You're supposed to be the expert!" - I like when someone takes charge and tells me what would be best!


  3. This post is absolutely refreshing because of its honesty. Staying motivated is so tough, and I'm right there with you on sticking to my 2014 goals, but not seeing any real results yet. I think you're dead on in that consistency with any new routine is key. I can see that giving up is not an option for you, and that inspires me SO much! xoxo

    1. Aw, thanks lady! Consistency is definitely key, especially as we get older and results come slower! Gotta stay committed! Hope things are well with you, beauty! xoxo!

  4. Nicely done! I am so glad you are enjoying the barre classes. They are hard. But so good. I didn't notice much of a change for the first month or so but am seeing changes now, at about eight/ten weeks in... my legs are getting leaner and I have {a little} more definition in my arms. It's definitely a journey!

  5. Also, I've been bringing my lunch too... a big first for me. I bought a slow cooker and every week I make something healthy + delicious. Last week it was mushrroom + chicken farro risotto and this week it was turkey chili! So yummy!

    1. Ah, yes! I've got your mushroom & chicken risotto recipe pinned and plan to try it soon! I'm a big fan of slowcookers! They make life so easy! xo!

  6. good for you on following up on your resolutions. Often, we forget to even go back to see any progress made and we end up "forgetting" our resolutions altogether. I love reading your update here. It's a good reminder for me to follow up on the goals I've promised to myself. I've already fallen behind on one major one (which is to write out my day before I go to bed). I intend to still do it...even if I'm not batting well. =)


    1. So glad you liked the post - thanks for reading! And it's never too late to jump back on your resolution wagon! ;)

  7. This is a refreshing post to see after a see of the initial resolution posts that flodded my Bloglovin' feed in January.

    I really love your complete honesty and the above and beyond dedication you're showing. This just makes you seem so much more REAL, if that makes any sense.

    I totally understand the struggles, especially with healthy living. I haven't seen any "actual" results on the scale, but even the simple changes to a lunchtime routine make you feel so much better....so it's more than just the weight.

    I'd love to get more feedback as the year goes on :)

    xoxo Jackie
    Something About That

    1. Aw, thanks so much Jackie! So glad that you liked the post and that there are others out there feeling the same way! And agreed, even if the scale doesn't show it yet, not having the heavy bloated feeling after lunch is a great feeling in itself and a reason to keep it up! I'll definitely do a post like this again in the future - hopefully then I'll be able to report back with some positive results! ;) xoxo!

  8. You're doing great Kate!! Resolutions are so easy to push aside and excuses so easy to make. Two months into the New Year and you're probably doing 99% better than anyone else who has resolutions! I feel you on the '30' thing...everything body wise seems harder.

    I am still working on my post-baby bod, it's been over four years since I had my son and even though I weigh 20lbs less than what I did when I got pregnant, there are always improvements to make. Which, is harder at 33 that's for sure. I started to revamp my fitness lifestyle back in October and one thing I noticed was that even though my scale hasn't budged by more than five pounds, my body definitely changed! Inches and how my clothes fit is how I can tell if I am making progress. Can you see a different there?

    I didn't make any 2014 resolutions, but I'm thinking that I really should have made one for a more organized life. But it's never too late to start right?

    Loved this post ps!

    1. Aw, thanks so much! That's amazing that you're down 20lbs! Congrats! And while I totally agree that progress can come in different forms (not necessarily pounds lost but the way you feel & how things fit) I haven't noticed much of a difference there yet either! Hopefully in time! :)

  9. Thanks for sharing your update! I have been thinking about my resolutions a lot lately and how I've ever so slightly fallen off the wagon. I have a week's vacation from work next week and plan to get back on track with a couple of them. It's always nice to hear you're not the only one who's lost sight of goals for a bit in these busy first months of the year.

  10. From experience, be very, very careful with long term antibiotic treatments for skin issues, it can do some whacky stuff. I was on several different antibiotics for about two years for acne, and it would clear my skin up for about a month and then get significantly worse, which would lead my dermatologist to switching to another antibiotic. When they brought up using Accutane, I decided enough was enough, and I weaned myself off the antibiotics and then went to see a very specialized esthetician. She said that many of her clients who take antibiotics long term usually never find any lasting relief going that route.

    From there I used all natural products for about a year and then I switched to a brand you may be familiar with, as it's produced in Canada - GM Collin. To this day, if I take antibiotics, I break out almost immediately.

  11. I love when people keep track of their resolutions :) It shows of dedication! I have a lot of trouble with my hair too. It's become very thin over the last few years, and on top of that very dry too. It's broken beyond repair, but every time I get a good cut, the tips splits back right where they were cut. I feel like there's no solution or end to my hair sorrows, so I'm looking forward to see what works for you :) xo