Song of the Week!

Yayyy, it's Friday! January as a whole has been pretty low key - everyone seems to be detoxing from the holidays and/or cuddling in at home avoiding the freezing temperatures. In a lot of ways, it's a nice break (from alcohol, late nights, and bad food) and served as a great month to get back on track with plenty of sleep, home cooked meals and yoga. So after a restful month, I am super looking forward to going to the Shivering Songs festival this weekend. It's a local music festival, and the highlight this year for me is going to be Wintersleep! It will be nice to see some friends, have some drinks, and take in some great music!

All that said, none of it relates to my choice for song of the week this week! ;) I'm really digging this Cvrches song lately - it gets stuck in my head frequently and felt like a good one to share on this cold Friday! Stay warm, friends! And happy weekend!


  1. Nice song, my new favourite! :D


  2. It is a really great song, but I am pretty sure it was on playlist in H&m stores ( I work there), so I am pretty tired of it! :D
    Happy weekend! :)