Embracing Practicality

Spring 2014 flats

I have a tendency to be drawn to a lot of things that don't really fit in with my lifestyle. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and realizing it to be very true! My closet is full of party dresses and heels that feel over the top for work and feel too formal for a night on the town. My life consists mostly of a business-casual 9-5 government job, low key hangouts with friends, going to see bands at local bars, doing yoga, and drinking wine and dancing with my girl friends. Last summer my boyfriend started playing rugby, and we spent almost every weekend, day & night, at the rugby club (cheering on the sidelines by day, having drinks in the club house by night) - it was this that really brought to light that I don't have a casual wardrobe that I really like. I wore the same few items over & over again, because most of my wardrobe is just not practical. And what good is it to have pieces hanging in your closet that you love but never wear? 

So I decided it is time to stock up on casual, practical items that I love - my most recent obsession being flats! I do love heels, and will continue to wear heels, but I found last spring & summer I wore flats most of the time, leaving the two pairs that I wore regularly beat up and ugly by the end of the summer. 

I recently purchased (but don't have in my hands yet) the Kate Spade gold glitter Keds and the leopard t-strap flats above, both on super sale! I'm currently trying to prioritize and decide what I really need from there, and I think a pair of black flats is a basic that goes without saying (perhaps those Zara ones with the gold ankle strap above?) and something either light/nude or bright & punchy for hot summer days (which feel a lifetime away on this freezing January day) - I am seriously tempted by those bright colorblocked Zara ones above - they are SO fun and SO affordable. 

Which is your favorite? Or have you stumbled across another pair of must-have flats you'd like to share?


  1. What a great post! I think, like you, I have to prioritize my closet to have more wearable things, and things that I can mix and match. I have too many patterned items, and not enough basics. I'm also loving flats at the moment and I'm hoping my Sperrys will help fill that "casual" wear gap in my wardrobe. That, and I NEED a jean jacket. And a pair of leopard flats. And a black pair as well. Haha, it never ends!

  2. Love this post Kate, it made me think about a conversation we had about how I will spend $200 on party dress I can only wear once to a fancy event but all my jeans cost $ 30 and come from the grocery store haha. Ps. loving all the flats!


  3. I hear you on needing more practical items (like jeans; I only have one pair I ever really wear!), and flats are definitely where it's at... I think I definitely need those leopard ones in my life! xx

  4. My closet was like that for a while. I found myself being drawn to sparkly dresses, heels, and items that I can pretty much only wear in Vegas. It just wasn't practical. I found myself wearing the same 5 outfits over and over again. I tried switching it up by adding a cardigan or scarf, but it just was not working. Thank GOODNESS I got a ton of giftcard for clothing stores for Christmas. I made sure I only bought practical clothes: things I can wear to work, wear to a casual bar, or out to a restaurant. Nothing too fancy.

    I love the converse sneakers and those sparkly keds! Super cute.

    xo Denise

  5. Love all the items, epecially the golden keds!


  6. I completely agree with this, and it's actually why I stopped reading fashion blogs for a while- there just seemed like such a disconnect between the clothing I was lusting over and the actualities of my grad student, non-party dress lifestyle!

    Also, all the flats you posted are great, and make me believe that it *will* be warm enough again (one day) to wear them... xo

  7. nice!! ;-))

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  8. I'm obsessed with flats! All of these are great picks! Especially those first three :)
    xo TJ


  9. Girl, I hear you. I have so many sky-high heels and party dresses, but I wear business-casual 5 out of 7 days a week, and the other 2 days I'm in jeans. It's time to be more practical!


  10. Just because something is practical doesn't mean it isn't cute!!

    I am very short, so I really love heels, but I don't really own many because they just don't work with my lifestyle.

    The black and white striped shoes are SO cute!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  11. omg, i have so many impractical things in my closet! party dresses galore! glad i'm not the only one. i'm obsessed with those kate spade shoes -- good to know they're on sale :)


  12. Can I Have them all?? ALL of it! in shoe heaven..thank you for brightening my day :)

  13. you know i am all about buying for your lifestyle & especially wearing flats! you definitely need a black pair & a colourful pair - both zara pics look pretty perfect!

    xo julesinflats

  14. Where did you buy the Kate Spade glitter Keds? I've been trying to find them online but they're sold out everywhere!


  15. I love flats! I live in a city where I walk everywhere so flats are my go-to for most days. If you can afford it, Tory Burch makes some of the most comfortable flats I've ever owed. Target is also a GREAT place to look--they have lots of classic styles, almost all of which are $35 or less. You can stock up! The only downside of the Taget ones is that they don't have much arch support, although you can always add an insert (I still think they're comfy without them).

    Love the grey snakeskin ones, these quilted ones with a cap toe and these super classic Sam & Libby bow flats.