A late re-cap

So I'm a little bit late with my whole goodbye 2013 / hello 2014/ resolution/ recap post, but here it is at long last! 

2013, you were a challenging year! Blogging is a funny thing - it's such a tricky balance to keep my personal life private and be real with you guys at the same time. I want to be authentic and relate-able, but there are also a lot of things that happen in life that just aren't meant for the blog, ya know? Relationship stuff, family stuff, etc. So let's just say this year had many, many ups & downs, some truly challenging and at points heartbreaking times, but also a lot of fun and joy and friendship! 

It was a big year for the blog! Earlier this year I jet-setted off to the UK and got to meet two of my favorite blog friends, Jen and Alicia. In the summer I flew to Toronto for Digital Dreams with Smart Set and got to meet a slew of awesome Canadian bloggers! It was really quite mind blowing and I am so, so thankful for these opportunities! 

Above is just a mish-mash of photos from the past year and some pinterest pins that struck me along the way, including my moto for this year "She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans" - I'm not much of a resolutions girl, but I've decided on a few things to guide me through the next year:

1. Don't be afraid to try new things.
2. Try at least 2 new activities - barre class, touch rugby, snowshoeing, etc. 
3. Say yes more without hesitation / self doubt.

I'm off to a good start, as I tried out a barre class yesterday and loved it! It was challenging for sure and my legs trembled most of the time but I will definitely be going back! There are also a lot of little things, like bringing my lunch to work and getting back into a certain weight range, commit to eyebrow grooming, get skin issues under control, etc, that are on my list, but those are the main ones I'm focusing on.

And with that, I say goodbye to 2013 and a HELLO to 2014! A huge thank you to each and every one of you for your support, love and friendship this year, and for reading this little blog of mine! 


  1. Happy 2014! Hope that all of you wishes will come true and you will have a lot of memorable moments!

  2. I love your recap... and you crack me up with eyebrow grooming. I am working on the same and it is not easy!

  3. I made the resolution to bring lunch back to work too! As well as commit to saving some money this year. Glad you like the barre class - sounds like fun!

  4. nice pics;DD

    new post


  5. I always say, better late than never with these types of posts!

    Congratulations on all of the success with the blog in 2013. Yours is always one of my favourites, so it's not a surprise to me.

    Bringing lunch to work is something I'm working on doing more often as well. It helps when the weather stinks because it's even more motivation to have a lunch waiting in the fridge at the office.

    Happy New Year! xo Jackie
    Something About That

  6. I loved this post kate! I often have the same issue with having my private life and my blog. I also love your resolutions. I'm moving to a city and so excited to start feeling like myself again with tons of stuff to do! Small town life got to me! Also, eyebrow grooming is so essential to me! Hahaha if I don't groom... Unibrow status would ensue and that's never a cute look! Hahaha xx

  7. Kate, I've loved reading your blog! Congrats on a wonderful 2013 year with you blog and I wish you personally an amazing 2014 of many blessings and happiness, from one Canadian Fashionista to another! :)


  8. I love this recap!


  9. Amazing post!!! And great resolutions.