Song of the Week!

Ahhh, not only is it the weekend, but it feels like the official kickoff to the holiday season! Parties & gatherings have been popping up throughout the week, and this weekend we're throwing a combination holiday/birthday party for the fella and I am so excited! I'm very much looking forward to sequins and wine and a house full of friends! I thought about posting a holiday song, but decided I'd share one of my recent favorite 'party songs' to get you pumped up for the weekend instead! 

Happy happy weekend, my friends!


  1. Hi babe, I find it very nice that you posts songs! It is always nice to get to know new songs or listen to songs which you haven't heard in a while etc.
    & I wanted to let you know that I'm now following you via bloglovin :) (name : Lyn De Sloovere , blog : Blonde Butterlies)
    Enjoy your weekend! xx Lyn

  2. Great song! Enjoy your weekend xo


  3. I fell in love with this song this week, I'm obsessed! :)
    xoxo Renee