Cold Weather Essentials

The days seem to be getting colder & colder, so I thought I would put together a little roundup of some of my cold weather essentials! Living in Eastern Canada, bundling up is a must, and there are certain things that I rely on to get me through the winter. Cold weather gear can easily leave you feeling frumpy, so here are a few of my stylish favorites.

1. A fitted turtleneck - this has become a layering essential for me. You need to find one fitted enough to lay smoothly under most things, and I always try to find ones that are really fitted in the arms to give a smooth polished look. You can layer these under sweaters and button ups for an added layer of warmth, under sleeveless dresses (though make sure they're heavier material dresses!) or even under sleeveless peplums to winterize them! I got mine at Joe Fresh for something around the $10 mark.

2. Tights - I feel like I have spent years investigating tights, and I have come to realize that H&M makes my absolute favorites. In the dead of winter, I turn to their 200 denier tights, which yes, sometimes make me feel a little bit like a figure skater but I love how thick and opaque they are. H&M also recently came out with a fleece lined pair, which I can't give my review on just yet but I have relied on fleece lined tights in general to get me through many winters past. Unfortunately, my go-to brand, Via Spiga, seems to be discontinued.

3. Hats - an obvious basic, but aside from keeping you warm, they can also look REALLY cute. There are so many fun styles out there right now, like this embellished one from Club Monaco.

4. Booties - I'll talk about my main winter footwear in a bit, but a simple heeled bootie is perfect to change things up when you want to look a little more polished and put together. These ones can be worn both at the office or with a dress for a night out, so they're completely versatile. I actually just ordered these Steve Madden ones, as they're on major sale right now, but I haven't received them yet! Fingers crossed they're as perfect as I hope they'll be!

5. A warm wool coat - wool becomes one of your best friends when combating really cold temps. Look for coats with a decent percentage of wool in their make up & you're way more likely to stay cozy & warm than in synthetic fabrics! Be sure to read the labels.

6. Scarves - one of my most favorite ways to stay warm. I find adding a scarf instantly warms me up - I tend to tense my shoulders when I'm cold so wearing a cozy scarf not only keeps me warm but helps keep me relaxed as well. There are obviously a TON of different prints and patterns and colors to play with here. I definitely suggest investing in a few different ones so you don't get bored.

7. A cozy flannel plaid shirt - the most versatile piece ever. It can be paired with jeans and boots for a casual day around town, with a skirt or even with a cozy pair of sweat pants on the couch! I've definitely done all 3. ;) 

8. Flat black leather boots - my absolute can't-get-through-winter-without item! I live in the land of ice, snow, salt and slush during the winter months and sidewalks can be downright treacherous! This is definitely one case where practicality trumps fashion, but that's no reason to sacrifice style. A sleek black leather riding boot is the perfect choice, and if it's embellished with gold detailing that doesn't hurt either! ;)

9. Leather Gloves - for my day to day, I always like to have a pair or two of leather gloves. They look sleek and are great for dressier days. On days that I know I'm going to be outside a lot longer, cozy mittens do win out, but for general scooting around town, I'd opt for a leather glove.

I'd love to hear about your cold weather essentials! What do you rely on to get you through the colder months? 


  1. hi,

    nice picks! hink i'm gonna go out for the polka dot gloves. have a happy and cozy winter.

  2. Oh, I love Madewell and Roots in the Winter!

  3. The coat and the gloves, both pure perfection!!


  4. Gorgeous pieces. Love the flannel blouse and the red coat.
    xo, Petra


  5. Definitely with you on these picks for cold-weather essentials - especially flannel!

  6. That red coat is fabulous!! And I love the Club Monaco embellished hat. And I can never have enough plaid shirts. Great picks!


  7. All these pieces are so cute! I gotta go to Joe Fresh and pick up some more turtlenecks!
    My essentials are pretty much covered in your post, sometimes I would swap the hat for a pair of earmuffs.

    Choo Choo

  8. I love this post Kate! It's fun to hear the details behind your choices! Not surprisingly, I totally agree with your picks. I am a black turtleneck junkie (love the tip about the fitted arms..) and live in scarves as well! I also love my wool coat and flannel plaid shirt, and agree that flat boots + a pair of booties are essential! I splurged on MK boots this year actually! I also own those Target gloves! As I type this I realize this collage is basically made for me, hence why I love it. Haha. XO

  9. I love those MK boots so much! And yes, that's a Winter essential that I have NOT HAD the past few years. WTF? Love this set.