shoemint metallic silver shoes
shoemint metallic silver shoes
Top: c/o Smart Set, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Shoemint, Watch: Nixon c/o Watch Co, Necklace: c/o Smart Set

I love when you find items that are currently trendy that still feel so completely true to your own style. In this case, the peplum and the metallic shoes are both obviously very on trend at the moment, and while I've loved the metallic shoe trend since I first spotted them a few months back, I've had a difficult times with peplums.

Maybe it's my lady hips, but peplums always made me feel extra wide, and also sort of silly in a little girl figure skater kind of way. I liked them on other people, but always just felt a little bit ridiculous in them. This one from Smart Set made me rethink the peplum though... it had a looser fit and a less dramatic flare and felt classic in its pretty eyelet pattern.

You'll have to excuse the wrinkles, these were taken after wearing this outfit for a full day in the office!

This week feels like it's flying by. Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh those shoes are awesome! They keep yo comfy and looking super chic!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  2. LOVE that necklace and your shoes! Such a great look! :)

    The Style Storm

    xo, Christina

  3. Those shoes are AWESOME. I don't think I have any metallic shoes that aren't "special occasion" sandals. I might have to fix that... :)

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life…Oh, and check out the Pin to Real Life style challenge I'm doing this week!

  4. This blouse is super flattering on you, and those metallic shoes are sooo fantastic. Love that you can wear them with anything. I still haven't gotten anything peplum, I just hate the way it looks on my body shape. Ah well, some trends work and others don't

  5. I love this look on you my dear!! That peplum looks great on you! and don't even get me started on those shoes! I DIE! amazing!!

  6. Shoemint has the best shoes. Love these.

  7. Cuteness! Just got that necklace from Smart Set the other day!!
    xo Emma

  8. Gorgeous silver flats. And te necklace is fabulous too. Cute outfit.
    Happy friday.
    xo, Petra


  9. I love the metallic shoe choice. Very fun.


  10. LOVE these flats! Man, they are cute!


  11. I find peplums to be so incredibly flattering on my curvy body. I think the trick is to find just the right cut for your shape. This one looks fabulous on you. I'm also drooling over those shoes. They have such a "cool girl" vibe.

    xo Jenny

  12. Yes, It's true I also feel wonderful when I find something which is in trend and suits my style. BTW the shoes are adorable.Please let me know from where I can find women shoes like this one??

  13. love this look it's stunning