Digital Dreams with Smart Set!

A couple weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of travelling to Toronto with Smart Set, along with 11 other Canadian bloggers, to attend Digital Dreams, an electronic music festival. The weekend was amazing, to say the least. I arrived early Saturday afternoon to the Gladstone Hotel, a quirky downtown art boutique hotel (I stayed in the 'Offset' room, pictured above!) and met up with the other girls & the Smart Set team! 

After sangria & snacks, we set out for a shopping party at Smart Set and picked out a few things to wear throughout the weekend! They were much too kind & we all had a ball shopping around the store and trying things on!

From there we headed to the Digital Dreams festival, which I must say was quite an experience. If you picture a giant night club turned into a music festival, this is Digital Dreams. At first glance not quite my scene, but up in our safe haven VIP area surrounded with champagne, dancing around to electro with my fun new blogger pals, we had so much fun! 

The next day was off to a leisurely start (wisely planned) with brunch at the Drake, followed by some free time where I was able to sneak off for a bit to meet a friend and attend my very first Toronto pride parade! That evening we headed back to the festival for round two, and ended the night a bit earlier than the night before! Thankfully we had a photographer & film team follow us around for the weekend to capture all the moments so we didn't have to lug our cameras around! All of these images are thanks to them!

It was so fun to get to meet so many other Canadian bloggers! A huge thanks to Smart Set for bringing us all together for such a fantastic weekend! 


  1. wow, sounds like an amazing experience!

    xo julesinflats.com

  2. What a great event! Thanks for sharing :)


  3. Wow, it looks like you had such an awesome time! Too bad we didn't get to meet when you were in Toronto! Hopefully, next time for sure! The pictures look fabulous!

    xo Jenny

  4. Looks like you had such an amazing trip Kate. Such an exciting opportunity for you! Wish we could have met - next time ;) Thanks for sharing :) xo

  5. Love these pictures so much Kate! Always love to see digital connections come together in person. Plus I have been loving Smart Set pieces lately for work and play! Great partnership!


  6. Sounds like an amazing time. What a great opportunity, lady!

    xx, Bubbly in Brooklyn