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Lately I've been thinking a lot about home decor and growing more and more aware that my home does not reflect me or my style at all in its current state. Flipping through my home decor pinterest board, it's pretty darn clear what I like: bright white spaces, black & white prints, and splashes of hot pink/fuchsia. Which is pretty much in line with my style when it comes to clothing as well!

So whhhhhy is this barely reflected in my own home? Granted, I live in a rented townhouse, so I'm pretty sure my walls are stuck in their neutral cream color, but otherwise there's no excuse. So blog world, I just thought  maybe if I posted this, I'd finally take some steps towards creating a home that feels a lot more 'me' (and hoping that the fella likes all the 'me' reflected throughout the house! Ha!)

First on the list is new bedding, reupholstering my dining chairs, and finally framing a large print I've had since September that's still not hung. 

Are your personal style and your home decor style in line with each other? 

If you have any inspirational photos or items that fit my little inspiration board above (Like "Hey Kate, you should buy these pillows! They're so you!") feel free to leave some links in the comment section! I'm on a mission, and as always, would love your input! 


  1. OMG that floral chair is calling my name, Kate! So amaze!



  2. pretty pics;DDD

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  3. Love this, Kate! I'm in home reno mood, too! I have Chris painting everything shades of white (almost have him convinced on the cupboards in the kitchen, #winning!). It's so weird to decorate with a boy in mind, too. I'm trying to bring in some neutral things, too. But everything I love is bright and white, and probably ubar girly! Yah'well! ;)

    1. Too funny... I have been sitting here all morning wondering what furniture I could paint white! I just can't decide if I can mix some dark wood pieces with white pieces? I know our dining table is off limits for painting (an antique from his grandmother) but if I had my way everything would be white!! Tell Chris I support your kitchen cupboard painting!

    2. I think white and dark wood look beautiful together. You could always try and find something at a yard sale, paint it white, and just see how it would look!

    3. White and dark definitely look awesome together! I just refinished an old dresser and did exactly that - if you need a an example ;) http://bit.ly/13y373d

  4. the bright pops are what make each room! i need to remember this for my own decorating
    kw ladies in navy

  5. Gorgeous photos! Love the pops of pink throughout!

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  6. Hey Kate, I rent and I just painted my room anyway...I tend to think if I stay long enough the landlord won't remember what colour the place was before hand!!

    Oh and I did this last summer, I painted my kitchen table which was an oak colour white, an antique mirror and an antique side table. I have been white washing all my furniture, I am almost 100% done.


  7. We have very similar styles! I love black, white, and bright colors!


  8. I'm definitely working towards creating a space that reflects my personal style as well. It's hard when the home isn't yours (we rent a condo) but hopefully I'll get there some day! Love all of the pops of pink in your inspiration photos.

    Chelsea & The City

  9. The floral chair is awesome!

  10. All these pictures are amazing!

  11. Uhh Kate, we are like interior style twins! That's exactly what I like in a home. Thank goodness I'm following your pinterest boards! xo

  12. Cute decor ideas! Love the pink and orange bedroom!
    New follower from Gal Meets Glam blog!



  13. I'm the exact same!! And I've been thinking so much about how to redecorate so that I feel happy and inspired in my home. I love the bright white with splashes of colour. I think having a bright home is so much more cheerful!

    xoxo Alison

  14. I love this collection of images together; I have most of them on my Pinterest home board because I too am a sucker for pink in any amount but they create such a lovely mood when you place them together like this. I just bought the mirror I have been wanting from Ikea for over a year and plan to spray paint it a deep pink for a black and white space!

  15. this is the best pillow cover ever! i think you'll love it as much as i do...i have 2 :)
    and its a good price!