Song of the Week!

Is anyone else as obsessed with this song as I am right now? So darn catchy. Daft Punk is one of those bands that I feel like has been in my life forever, but I don't think about until they come out with yet another amazing dance jam. I remember watching the bizarre video for Da Funk  in high school when Much Music and MTV actually played music videos. I remember dancing to One More Time when I was just old enough to go to bars and dance clubs, and of course in more recent years, Harder Better Faster Stronger (admittedly made more popular with Kanye...) and now THIS gem! 

We've got a rainy, rainy weekend ahead. I'm hoping it will consist of equal parts rest, fun and productivity.

Happy Friday!


  1. I love Daft Punk! and I've been listening to this song non stop.. I also have a serious crush on Pharrel so it all works out! Have a great weekend Kate! x

  2. I am loving this track, so much fun!