Song of the Week!

Happy Friday, friends! Not only is it the weekend but it's a long weekend - It's Victoria Day weekend here in Canada which means 3 glorious days off. I feel like it's very much needed and I'm actually really glad that I've got little to nothing on the go. 

I plan to mega clean and organize my bedroom & closet, have a few drinks with some out of town friends home for the weekend, and watch the fella play in his first rugby game! Guaranteed I'll very much be the nervous girlfriend on the sidelines hoping his face stays in tact and no bones are broken. Gah! 

I thought the long weekend deserved an upbeat song, but it's rainy & cold and I'm feeling low key so Frightened Rabbit it is! We listen to these guys a lot in the car and I've grown to love them quite a lot.

I hope you all have wonderful weekends! Any big plans?


  1. I love frightened rabbit, I had never seen this video! Have a wonderful long weekend :)

  2. Definitely feeling jealous of all of my Canadian friends this weekend!! Hope yours is fantastic :)