Song of the Week!

It's been a while since I've done a song of the week - the active effort to find new songs and new bands to love used to be a regular activity for me, and now I feel like I've become more of a creature of habit, listening to my favorites or whatever the fella decides to put on in the car. It's something that I do miss and think I should dedicate more time to. This song is by no means new, but it's been stuck in my head since yesterday, when I was out shopping for mother's day & baby baptism gifts and heard it playing in a store! I was half successful in my shopping efforts, and have decided that shopping for a nephew is surprisingly easier than shopping for a mom! So many cute things! Eep!

The quest for a mother's day gift continues today - what are you planning on giving your momma on her special day?



  1. I ordered a pair of earrings for my mom that matches a necklace she recently bought!

  2. I've never heard of this song before. I am definitely a creature of habit when it comes to music. I listen to the same stuff but I am trying to find new music. I teach dance and I know my girls get sick of the same songs. I try and branch out at the end of the year so I can bring some fresh stuff back for our summer workshop.


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  3. Love this song so much! It is one of my favorites!


  4. Tegan & Sara is my second favorite band. I LOVE when they collab with others cause it always comes out perfect. Also try listening to Body Work with Morgan Page. love it! have a great weekend!


  5. ok love tegan and sara! i had not heard of this song and loved it! thanks for sharing!