London, Day One

liberty london
upholstered floral headboard
liberty london
Dress: BB Dakota c/o Calico, Jacket: Old Navy, Flats: Steve Madden, Bag: Coach, Watch: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: c/o Polette

As I mentioned briefly on Saturday, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to the UK this past week with Boohoo.com and NKPR! It was a complete whirlwind; I got to learn about Boohoo, one of the UK's biggest online retailers, check out the gorgeous sights of London and Manchester, and meet some of my favorite fellow Canadian bloggers, Jen, Alicia and Elizabeth

I flew overnight on Monday and arrived in London Tuesday morning, and while feeling a little crazy and disheveled, had to take the opportunity to roam around the city on our first day. We had the afternoon to ourselves before meeting up for dinner with the whole crew, so I wandered around with Jen & Alicia, taking in the sights and doing a bit of shopping. I can't get over how beautiful the city is! I can't wait to go back someday! Following dinner I took my jet-lagged self to bed in my amazing hotel room at Dorset Square - seriously, how gorgeous was my headboard?! I'm completely in love.

Stay tuned for more of my Boohoo experience this week! 

(Thanks to Jen for the group shot, I didn't have one on my camera so I stole hers to share here!)


  1. Great photos! I like your bag and dress!


  2. Great photos, it looks like you girls are having the time of your life! I am so jealous, I really want to go to London.
    Love the striped dress and denim jacket for a day out and about!

  3. what an awesome opportunity! i really love your bag!!

  4. You girls must have had so much fun - what a whirlwind trip!

    xo, alison*elle

  5. super bag ;]]

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  6. I was there this summer and fell in love with London. By the way, I'll be heading over to Montreal and Quebec this summer... Let me know of any great places to eat or must things to do and see there.

    love all your pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Vacation Ready'.
    Hope you had a great weekend.


  7. What an AWESOME opportunity! Looks like you had an amazing trip, you lucky girl! I was in London when I was 14, to perform as a dancer and I fell in love with the city! I bet you did too ; )

  8. Beautiful photos, lady! What an awesome opportunity and it looked like so much fun. That floral headboard is everything!

  9. Wow! You lucky girl!!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time! And you're sure wearing the season's trends spot on! :)

  10. That sounds like a fantastic trip! I've never heard of Boohoo before, I must go check them out~!

    xo julesinflats.com

  11. I am so glad you loved London! I adore visiting there, I love getting away there at weekends!


    Five Minute Style 

  12. What an amazing opportunity! Congratulations :)
    I can't wait to hear all about it!

    Natasha ~ TashaDelrae.com

  13. Ahhh, lovely pictures! It looks so lovely.

  14. Your trip looked amazing! I was following along on Instagram. Can't wait to see more. Your sightseeing outfit was perfect.


  15. Looks like so much fun! Congrats - can't wait to see more pictures. I'm off to Italy in three weeks and can't wait - so inspiring :)

  16. It looks like you had such an amazing time, even though it was probably a whirlwind experience.

    I'm sure the excitement of the trip helped you power through the jet lag, at least a little bit.

    xoxo Jackie

  17. How fun, Kate! I absolutely LOVE London...I'm missing it even more after seeing your photos. Looks like you had an incredible time! xo

  18. AH. So amazing. I hope you ladies had the best time. Can't wait to see more photos!


  19. I adore London and it holds a special place in my heart because it was the first stop on my European honeymoon many years ago. Your photos bring back a lot of memories and makes me want to be there again. Can't wait to see more photos and hear about your experience with Boohoo!


  20. Fabulous look, very beautiful! You have a great blog!Love your style
    Would you like to follow each other via GFC and bloglovin? I joined your blog, # 1539.

  21. I love London and everything is blooming! that hotel room looks fab

  22. Love the colors in these pics! I hope you had a great trip! London is one of my favorite cities in the whole world :)

  23. Lucky girl!!! I've never been to the UK but I would LOVE to go one day. Such beautiful photos, and that headboard is adorable!!!

    xo Jenny