Song of the Week!

This new song from MIA has been on heavy rotation as of late! But for a moment, let's rewind back to 2005 and picture me cabbing downtown to go to a party at Kristin's new apartment. Dropped off on her street, I looked around wondering which apartment might be hers, when I hear MIA's "Bucky Done Gun" blaring from a window. I grinned & knew instantly it was hers! (We both listened to MIA constantly that summer!) So there's something about MIA that just brings me back to summer fun & living room dance parties in our early twenties! 

Weeeekend! Hoorah.


  1. Great song! Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. I totally love MIA.
    I love that she's a South Asian woman musician who enjoyed the main stream - kind of rare.
    I love that she's political, - Bucky Done Gun - what a wicked tune.

    This song - while still great - is not one of her best, ya know?
    Visually awesome, great production.

    But I can't support the romanticizing of Arab culture - where she as a Sri Lankan, would be treated terribly. I know, I live in the Middle East for 10 years. Plus, I wonder if the whole Live Fast Die Young aspect was sign off to Amy Whinehouse?

    Anyway, it's a great tune. Thanks for posting it.

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~