Song of the Week!

It's likely that I've mentioned before the amount of time I spent as a child listening to the cocktail soundtrack. If not, it was a lot. A LOT of time spent twirling around my house, choreographing dances with friends and singing along to these songs. So when I heard this re-make of "Rave On", I was instantly in love. It's far from the John Cougar Mellencamp version I grew up with. Instead, it's sweet, dreamy, and incredibly nostalgic. Leave it to M. Ward. Lovely!

Happy weekend, folks! Thanks so much for all of your sweet words & blogiversary wishes this week! You are THE best. Hands down. xoxo.


  1. I love this version! My brother and I used to dance to the whole Cocktail soundtrack when we were little! It's still one of my faves.

  2. This is a cool song :) Thanks for sharing it!

    The Flower Girl


  3. Love M. Ward!!

    Also, just discovered your blog through Bloglovin, and LOVE when I find fellow Canadians! I'm located in Toronto, but I LOVE the East Coast! Will definitely be following your blog from now on.

    And maybe check mine out?! www.deliciouslyyourslo.blogspot.com

  4. i love m.ward! great song :)