Song Of The Week!

My goodness I love Sia. I posted the dance-able & adorable Clap Your Hands a few months ago, but this one just makes me feel...something. The kind of song that makes you not want to admit you belt it out alone in our car with a fist clenched to your chest. So pretty.

& random fact? I used to be almost fluent in sign language in high school. Ten years later I can barely recognize it, but still love trying.


  1. love love love it, of course. sia is pretty much my 'most played' on the ol' ipod right now. love everything she does.

  2. Love Sia.

  3. ditto on the sia. she makes my heart do belly flops.

  4. I haven't listened to Sia in a couple years (I have a couple of her albums but nothing new). This song is amazing and I love the video. thanks for sharing it with me and reminding me that I should listen to her more again.