I Heart

I bought these skinny cargos mid-summer, but seeing as it was way, way too hot to even think about wearing them, I folded them up & tucked them into my dresser drawer for future cooler days.

I honestly kind of forgot about them until recently, so Saturday I decided to take them out for a trial run. I'm honestly not sure how often I'll be sporting them - I like them, but they are so low-rise that I find myself constantly hauling them up or pulling my shirt down to ensure I'm not exposed. My torso has a hard time dealing with anything remotely low-rise, but for such a great price and otherwise good fit, I couldn't pass these up. But much like girls who can't walk in their heels, a girl hauling up her pants constantly is just not attractive. So we'll see... they're limited to longer tops, that is for sure!

& this sweater is the warmest sweater I've ever owned - which is surprising, because it's very light weight and doesn't seem like it would overly warm. But I've never felt quite so cozy - I even had to take it off multiple times through the day when I was inside (though it was absolutely perfect for the cool outdoor air!) I will definitely be wearing this one a ton this winter!

Hope you all had an absolutely delightful weekend!

Dex sweater (Je Suis Prest Boutique), Costa Blanca skinny cargos, Le Chateau wedges, Aldo bag & bracelets


  1. You look gorgeous! I love the pants on you even if they're driving you a little batty. They're perfect with the sweater and the shoes!!

    Strange enough I was organizing my pants on the weekend and came across my cargoes and totally wondered if I'd missed a post from you on yours....weird, huh?

    I love them on you.


  2. I am not good with low-rise pants either. Is anyone, seriously!? Why do they even make them hahah.

  3. I hear you with the low rise thing! That's ok, these pants will look great with longer tops. I'm surprised you said the sweater is lightweight, in the pictures it looks like it's quite heavy.

  4. cute outfit! i was trying to remember which sweater it was when you said black and white houndstooth since i'm in JSP at least every week...sometimes more, haha. it does look super cozy! i'm not a big fan of low rise on me either.

  5. The pants are super cute and look fab on you! (I hate the tugging/pulling feeling too though.)
    Love the heart graffiti (even though graffiti is a no-no), at least if it's pretty...

  6. I've been looking for a pair of skinny cargos myself and never thoguht to check costa blanca! Good call!
    Your sweater looks amazingly comfy and chic btw!

  7. I love this outfit! The sweater and cargo pants are great for Fall.

    I'm wearing pants that fall down today and I've been constantly pulling them up, it's quite annoying! But I think they look good so it's all worth it ; )

    Love the location of your photo shoot, too!

  8. So gorgeous, Kate!! That sweater looks like the coziest thing ever (glad you said it is!) and I'm glad to see you finally debut the skinny cargos! Still can't believe they're from Costa Blanca. So glad the warm and cozy dressing phase has arrived :)


  9. you look so comfy, yet chic in that oufit! lovee it :)

  10. that sweater is so great!!
    I hate it when I am wearing an item that constantly needs adjusting, just so uncomfortable. But, the pants do look really good on you.

  11. Those cargo skinnies are pretty cute! Your sweater is lovely too.

  12. I am obsessed with that sweater! Love love love!

  13. I love this outfit, you look all cozy and cool, perfect for fall! I'm also in love with the graffiti background... I can just picture you, spray paint can in hand, putting that on the wall! lol oh what we do for good backdrop ;) xx

  14. best sweater ever? yes. perfect with the shoes!
    as for the low-rise, why not just belt it? if you get a belt that's nice and snug but not so tight that it pulls them UP (creating a kind of awful cameltoe effect) then they should stay in place :D
    also i believe i said this on your chictopia but you have the cutest ever smile!!

  15. lovely outfit, perfect for fall.