Tan Bags & Tidal Bores

Loves! I feel like I've been away from the blogosphere for ages - I was away for the long weekend hanging with family, battling hurricane earl, eating a lot of bacon, and tidal bore rafting. The latter being the most exciting (yes, more exciting than bacon!), plowing through giant waves on a rubber raft, hanging on for dear life, and left with a body that feels like its been hit by a truck. So very sore, every muscle in my body, but it was definitely a fun time! (For a fun visual, click here - this isn't me, but is what I did, minus the fancy yellow rain suits).

So forgive my absence! I'm back, with one of my current obsessions... the tan satchel. Totally and completely in love - if I had an extra $1500 to spare, the Proenza Schuler bag would be mine, but I don't, so I'm on the hunt for affordable alternatives!

01 Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Leather Satchel $1595
02 Vintage Fashion Collection (Ebay) Satchel Messenger Bag $30.86
03 TopShop Buckle Leather Strap Satchel £85.00
04 Mulberry Alexa Leather Bag $1150
05 ASOS Leather Twist Lock Satchel $117.95
06 ASOS Tab Detail Satchel $42.13


  1. This is my absolute favorite color of leather. More affordable alternatives, yes please!

    I might be drooling a little over here.

  2. yikes, LOVE!!! i have a cute little tan satchel but it isn't quite big enough to be ridiculously versatile...

  3. i am so in love with the proenza schouler satchel!!!!

  4. i think id probably settel for #6 right now xx

  5. in need of a tan satchel bag, I have not found the perfect one yet. Leaning towards the Asos satchel, meanwhile I dream of the PS1


  6. Drooling over the color and shape of these bags, gorgeous!

    xo Lynzy

  7. Love these bags! I've been eyeing one on ModCloth but, alas am too broke to buy one right now :(
    I went Tidal Bore rafting a couple of weeks ago and it was SO fun! Omg I hurt so bad for like 4 days after though too lol. You have to hold on for dear life or you'll end up falling out. Crazy! It was one of those things I'd always wanted to do and finally checked it off the list!!

  8. i am sooo all about the versatile tote right now! especially these tan ones, they are gorgeous! oh if only my wallet could support all my dreaming...these would all be mine!! :)


  9. ahh i really want one of those!!! the most expensive one is definitely the nicest, it looks perfect! sigh.