Love, Actually

Modcloth has me all kinds of swooning lately - the reds, tans & blacks, the sequins and sparkle, the gorgeously feminine cuts & classic silhouettes - I love it all. I realize this all has a bit more of a holiday feel to it, and I'm definitely jumping the gun seeing as it's mid-September, but I can't help it. This stuff makes me giddy.

What makes me particularly giddy is this gorgeous red tiered BB Dakota coat (number one below) - so much so that I couldn't help but make it mine. Meet my new winter coat!! It's on pre-order, so should arrive at my door in 3-4 weeks. SO excited!


My love for red winter coats dates back to the very first time I saw "Love Actually" (which is now my favorite movie of all time, and I've literally watched it at least 20 times) - Natalie looked so, so gorgeous in hers that I had to run out and buy one. I did, but that was years ago & it has since died. For the last couple years I've been wearing basic black, but I still swoon every time I see a red winter coat. So after deciding I'd never find a prettier red coat in stores, I hit the order button, and can offically call it mine! Now if only I had the shiny black hair, I'd be all set.

love actually

01 Big City Blues Coat in Red (Pre-Order) $129.99
02 Nine to Five Glamour Skirt (Pre-Order) $89.99
03 Wrap You Up In My Coat (Pre-Order) $129.99
05 Cabriole Skirt (Pre-Order) $44.99
06 Delightfully Warm Tights in Oatmeal $21.99
08 Harney Peak Boot $185.99


  1. Wow great picks, that coat is beautiful! Can't wait to see it on you when it arrives.

  2. Funny you talk about "Love Actualy"; I watched for the first time last weekend with my girlfriends!
    I'm also in love with that black coat, must be really flatering!

  3. I love all your picks, so pretty and wintery.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE that coat. It will look amazing on you! Great purchases!

  5. Good buy on the coat! It's gorgeous, I love the color.

  6. Gorgeous coat love, and so inexpensive!

    I love #'s 3 and 9 :)


  7. I love this red coat! Martine McCutcheon looked gorgeous in Love Actually :)



  8. way to skip right over fall and into winter! love actually is such a great film! and i do love the look of the red coat+ cream beret + hugh grant!


  9. aw I LOVE that movie. And the red jacket is so cute with the ruffly details.

  10. what fabulous picks! I am a new follower of your blog!


  11. I love that movie too!! It is so great and I could put it on replay every weekend.

    How about Modcloth? I spent a little time on the site a couple days ago and literally had to force myself to click off of it. That red coat is so pretty!!


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  13. red coats are gorgeous!!


  14. great blog love the boots!
    Come Follow & Vote for me xoxo

  15. OH. MY. GOSH. Hah when I first saw Love Actually (also a fave movie!) I wanted a red coat SO bad because of that scene too! I've since added two more to my collection, and always try to channel Natalie when I wear them (wish I looked that cute in a beret though!). I LOVE the coat you bought, can't wait to see it on! xx