I Heart Blogs!

So the Stylish Kids in Riot organized an "I heart blogs" blogger event, where everyone participating posts ten blogs they really love in order to share favorites and potentially get  lesser known gems some well deserved exposure!

It was seriously really hard to limit myself to ten blogs - there are so many amazing blogs out there, and so many bloggers with fantastic style (not to mention wit & creativity) and so many of you who are just so darn sweet, it made narrowing it down to ten really tough!

But without further ado, and in no particular order, here are ten blogs I love...

01 Cupcakes & Cashmere - http://www.cupcakesandcashmere.com/

Emily of Cupcakes & Cashmere definitely doesn't fall into the 'lesser known gem' catergory, though she certainly is a gem - this was the first style blog that I really, truly fell in love with! She's my very first read every morning when I sit down at my computer, and if I could raid any blogger's closet, it would be hers! Seriously amazing style!

While I had started reading many other blogs after Emily's, it wasn't until I found Krystal's blog  that I experienced another major swoon. The thing I love about her style is that she never looks like she's trying too hard, but still always looks amazing. Such a laid-back, natural coolness about her, and some seriously fantastic outfits. Also, possibly best blogger hair. Gorgeous!
03 Cheetah is the New Black - http://www.cheetahisthenewblack.com/

Sometimes you come across a blogger who just seems like she could be your friend in real life. Alicia is one of these bloggers! She seems so incredibly sweet, and I love how she shares bits of her life (aside from her wonderful style!) in her blog! A gorgeous girl who seems so happy, friendly & fun!
04 Fifth Sparrow - http://fifthsparrow.blogspot.com/

Another girl who I feel like could be my real life friend, Louise absolutely cracks me up. Such a fun, quirky girl and I love so many of her wardrobe pieces! She always looks so pretty & put together!

Kara is adorable. I've only been following her blog for a couple months at most, but she seems like just the sweetest person and I always look forward to her sweet & funny comments! Such a 'real' girl with very cute, wearable style!

06 Pretty Pleased - http://www.prettypleasedblog.com/

This is a new find for me, but I was instantly drawn to Catherine's style! I love how wearable and 'real life' fashionable she is - the type of girl you'd see walking down to the street & instantly notice and admire her outfit! This blog is actually written by Catherine and her sister Mary Chris (who, from the small bits we get to see of her, also appears to have great style!) and is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs!

07 Sincerely Jules - http://www.sincerelyjules.com/

Another fairly new find, this girl has some of the best style I've seen. Her skinny cargo's & polkadot blouse were what won me over on chictopia, and I quickly went to check out the rest of her blog. Absolutely stunning!!

08 Sterling Style - http://sterlingstyle.blogspot.com/

If you haven't been to Taylor's blog, you're definitely missing out. This girl is gorgeous, her photos & outfits are amazing, and her commitment to fitness is downright impressive & inspiring!

09 Morgan & Lua - http://morganandlua.blogspot.com/

A girl & her dog... Morgan is such a natural beauty! Her photos are always beautiful, and many are taken along pretty beaches and in fields (with pal Lua in tow!). She seems like such a sincere, laid back, quirky person! Her style is fantastic - understated and so wearable - but so many pretty details!

10 A. Co est. 1984 - http://acoest1984.blogspot.com/

Possibly one of the friendliest bloggers on the web, this girl makes a natural effort to connect with other bloggers. She has a very impressive shoe collection, and a great etsy shop filled with pretty hand-made things!
So there you have it! I feel like I should give out honorable mentions, as so many of you deserve to be showcased, but if I start with that I could go on forever!


  1. this is a really great post. i love their blogs and your blog, of course.

    Fashion Toy Gun

  2. Wow great picks! I love C&C too, but haven't heard of most of the other ones - will have to check them out!

  3. Aww, thank you so much for featuring me girl!!! This is seriously so cool and such an honour because I love reading your blog everyday and I'm so happy its reciprocal!

    Thanks for sharing such a great list! I officially have new blogs to check out! I think I will be participating in this as well!!

    Have a great day babe!! Thanks again :)


  4. Just found your blog and now you've lead me to a few other new favorites! Great list!


  5. I think I have 8 new blogs to follow! Thanks :D

  6. Awh. you're such a sweetheart, thanks for including me with all these other amazing blogs! I can't wait to look up the ones I don't know!

    p.s I agree that we would be friends in real-life, even if it's just so I could steal your shoes! xx

  7. What a great list! I follow about half of them already and I'm going to check the rest out now!!! :D THANKS!!!


  8. Thanks Kate!! So exciting! What a nice little surprise this morning. This is such a great idea, and I'm so happy you like what I'm doing.

    I'm going to go check out some of the fresh faces up there now!
    Thanks again!

  9. great post, love all those blogs too! yours is awesome

    want to link exchange?

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think


  10. Wow, thanks for sharing! I always feel like I know everyone in the blogosphere and then seem to discover new amazing blogs everyday. Definitely bookmarking this post so I can check out these blogs later!

    Love your fellow Canadian,



  11. These blogs all look fabulous! I already am a regular reader of emily's and taylor's. Both wonderful reads. I will scope out a few of the rest!

  12. Thanks for the great links!

  13. Kate,
    Thank you so much for the mention! You are beautiful and so sweet. We are new to the blogging world and feel so honored to be mentioned with these heavy hitters! We love you.
    -P.S. my sister does have great style and I would love to get her on the other side of the camera more often :)

  14. This is such a great post, thanks for introducing me to some new blogs!

  15. such a great post! I'm following some of these respected bloggers, but I'll have to check out those new to me!



  16. Hi Kate, I think Catherine already left you a note expressing our excitement but I had to say it again:) Thanks so much for including us in your line-up, we are in some very impressive company:) I mentioned you in today's post~ now off to check out the new blogs!

  17. Great list, Kate! I read a few of these, but I"ll definitely check out the ones I don't know about. Hope you have a great weekend!