While We Go Dancing

Saturday night I went to a farewell party for my friend J, who is heading to Brazil for a month! It was a warm enough night to finally bare leg, and also to finally debut these shoes I've been holding in my closet since January!

Sometime last year I was looking at Lena's blog, Elenita, and fell instantly in love with the shoes she wore in this post! I looked them up immediately, as she looked so stunning in them, only to find her Surface to Air beauties rang it at just under $500. Insert broken heart.

Then, sometime in January, while perusing the Forever21 website, I spotted these. For 35 bucks. And I ordered them immediately. Thank you, Forever21, for making dreams come true!

The quality of these photos is not great, as it was dark by the time I was ready & had to take photos indoors. I always feel a little extra silly posing in my bedroom!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Monday!

H&M Top, Vero Moda Skirt (Envy), Forever21 Wedges, Aldo Bangles, Joe Fresh Belt


  1. What a fab look! I love those shoes :D

  2. The F21 wedges are so hot! :) I love when you can find a cheaper (way cheaper) version of what you want!!

    PS: I really love your sunglasses from the post below.

  3. ooh i love this! you look gorgeous and i love love the shoes. i had to catch up on your outfits because your updates weren't showing up for me...guess i need to start using bloglovin to follow! anyway, thank you for your comment, here are the same aldo shoes, but in a different color:


    and here are two shoes with the same color scheme but different buckle/heel:



  4. loving your outfit that top looks fab x

  5. and here I was hoping it would be a post on those fancy blue plaid Chuck Taylor's... hah! I'm in love with your shoes, they actually look pretty comfortable! I just bought a new pair of black party shoes - believe it or not, my first pair of black heels! I know, I'm blown away too, lol.

    xo Erin

  6. love the shoes and outfit!!! very chic and cool =)


  7. Fabulous F21 scores. Those shoes rock!

  8. you look awesome! Love the shoes, great find! xx

  9. That's so funny because that's the exact same thing that happened with me! I saw Lena's shoes way back and googled them and were like, "They are HOW much?!" and when I saw the F21 ones, I had to have them! Haha! Love it!

  10. That top is AWESOME and how exciting about the shorts!

    I like that you posted in your bedroom (even though you said you felt silly) as it's cool to see how you've decorated (looks nice!)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  11. I so appreciate hearing you got a LOOK for less! Way to go....

  12. Oooh I love the detailing on your top! It's so amazing, and I really love the uneven hem at the bottom. It makes the top so much more interesting :]

  13. Great look! I really like the long top, belted over a fitted skirt - not something I've thought of before, but always nice to get new ideas about how to wear stuff - one of the things I love about style blogs!

  14. I love that gorgeous top - the Grecian details are so pretty!

  15. i just started following your blog – you have lovely style! i adore this post – sassy shoes and a unique top. keep up the great posts!