Happy 95th, Grammie!

Today is my Grandmother's 95th birthday, which I think is pretty amazing. Since it is certainly something worth celebrating (95 years of life! Seriously, I hope I inherit those genes!) I'm travelling down to SJ to have dinner with her, along with some other family. I'm super excited to spend some family time, it doesn't happen nearly often enough with us living in various parts of the maritimes, but I'm always very happy when it does!

Now, there are various parts of this outfit that I am thrilled about. First - the shoes. Like every other blog-reader out there, I swooned over all the girls rocking the Seychelle's Blimey, or anything remotely similar. I couldn't find anything similar where I live, and not only was my size sold out in black on the Seychelle's website, the shipping to Canada is also pretty steep. So I sadly swooned, and thought I'd never have anything similar to call my own... UNTIL! I walk into a local consignment boutique and see these shoes. They weren't even on the shelf yet, but my eyes lit up and I asked if they were for sale. And they were. And they were my size. And because I had credit at the store from selling some of my own clothes there, I left without paying a single cent for them! Beautiful!! I don't think they are truely vintage, but am not sure of the brand. Either way, I'm a happy girl. Nothing beats free shoes!

The 2nd part of this outfit that I am in love with is the bracelet - I am completely enamoured with it. It was a very last minute pick up at H&M, it was located near the cash and I am so glad it caught my eye before I checked out. I adore all the rich jewel tones! I think I will be wearing this every possible chance I get this summer!

Oh! And I also added a twitter icon on my sidebar - so now you can all follow me on twitter!

Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend! Happy Friday!

Old Navy Dress, Active Basic Cardigan (Envy), H&M Braclet, Joe Fresh Belt, Vintage (?) Shoes


  1. Kate - I found u thru Idee Geniale's blog and realized we're fellow Maritimers! I live in Halifax! I'm going to start following your blog, it looks really cute and I like your style. Hopefully you'll check mine out too! Hopefully we'll get some spring weather this weekend too, eh? Take care!

  2. 95!? WOWEE!!! Happy Birthday Grammie!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  3. Happy Birthday Grammie! How incredible!
    your outfit is so cute, and those shoes! What a find!

  4. Happy Birthday, Grammie!! Give everyone hugs for me. xoxo
    p.s. Cute shoes! Great find :)

  5. 95!! wow! Well, happy bday to your grams:) LOVE the color of that dress, it really pops. And your shoes are just darling!

  6. Fun! Have a great time. I love the outfit and the color of your dress. Totally following you on Twitter :)

  7. omg your grandmothers birthday how adorable! i love your bracelet!

    Anna Katrina

  8. You look great! That dress is an awesome colour.


  9. i love this outfit. it's simple yet chic. i love how the red of your dress gives the whole outfit a pop of color. perfect for spring. and might i add, you are gorgeous!

    just stopping by to say thanks for commenting on my blog! it really means a lot, and i enjoyed reading what you had to say. :)


  10. wow, oh my gosh, I LOVE your bracelet! amazing! and your shoes are super cute!

    Thank you so much for stopping by Bikinis & Passports

    xox Vicky

  11. A successful birthday we had with our Grammie!! And my sis Kate looked even better in person in this outfit! She was even kind enough to give me a matching bracelet as pictured here for my birthday!!! I`m a lucky gal to have such a fashion smart sister! Love you girl!! xo