Je Veux Ton Amour

Saturday night was my friend J's birthday party (or the 8th anniversary of his 21st birthday, as he liked to call it). Lovely people, lots of dancing & plenty of wine made for a very fun night! Please excuse the poor quality of the photos, I haven't quite figured out the lighting in this room!

To be quite honest the whole photo-taking, outfit-posting part of this makes me feel a little silly, but it's my favorite part of other blogs - and probably the most important part of a personal style blog, in my opinion. Seeing the blogger and their outfits and bits of their lives is what makes the reader feel like they're getting to know them. I'm sure it will get easier with time! But for now you'll have to put up with my awkward self!

Active Basic Cardigan (Envy), Urban Planet Tank, Vero Moda Skirt (Envy), Steve Madden Booties, SmartSet Ring, Essie 'Lilacism' Nail Polish.


  1. Ms. Kate! I love this post! I've already bookmarked your site to add to my daily, morning blogs ;) xox

  2. hey, welcome to blogger land! hope you're loving it so far.
    and I love your top. :o)

  3. I love the first photo where you're holding up your hair. Your awkward self is picture perfect and your honesty is sincerely sweet. Blog away, beauty. I look forward to following.