Cold Shoulder

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This whole off the shoulder / shoulder cut-out trend has really, really grown on me. I first started to take notice when Stephanie wore a Free People sweater (which I promptly scooped up and have worn multiple times and love!) and now that all of these pretty blouse versions are popping up for spring & summer I'm just swooning over them! They are airy & feminine and subtly sexy and I need to add some to my wardrobe, stat! 

They work really well for nights out - when you want to wear something that you couldn't wear to the office but still want to be a little covered!

Shops don't seem to have them categorized yet and most are just mixed in among blouses (like here) or party blouses (here) but I am specifically loving this, this & this

And, Cold Shoulder is a really great song by Adele. So if you aren't a fan of this trend, you'll at least get a good song out of this post. ;) 


Embellished Sandals

Embellished Sandals

Lately I've been loving metallic & embellished sandals - they add such a subtle dose of glam, and I love things that can be worn both casually and to dress up. These sandals definitely fit the bill. 

I have yet to find a pair myself, but my favorite ones by far are those gorgeous pair by Dune on the top right. They are perrrrfect. I first saw them on Crystalin and love them so much every time I see her post them! Summer is pretty short where I live though, so I always am a little hesitant to invest in sandals, and usually opt for inexpensive options. 

Those sweet bow ones above are currently on sale for less than $25 and could so easily be dressed up or down. The Guiseppe Zanotti Flat Sandals (here, though  I realized after putting them in my collage they are pretty hard to track down, but there are lots of other cute options here!) I can totally see making for a sweet wedding shoe if under your gown if you didn't want to wear heels, and they give off almost a Grecian feel. 

Sole Society has a few super cute options, but overall I think Dune wins the "cute embellished sandal" award. ;) 

Have you seen any others around you think I should know about?? 


Tassel Love

You know when you're browsing online and you stumble across something and your jaw drops and you're overcome with that feeling of "I wannnnnt it!" - that was me when I saw these amazing new tassel pieces from Bauble Bar. 

My favorite two pieces - the Festival Tassel Strands and the Cape Town Bracelet Set are from their new guest bartender collection Ale by Alessandra. They are the most perfect summer jewelry items I could  ever imagine. Gah. The tassel bracelet is also part of the collection, and I am loving this Fluoro Fringe necklace, too! 

In other words, GIVE ME ALL THE FRINGE AND TASSELS - er, when it comes to gold and pink jewelry, I guess.