100 Years of Workout Style!

I always love these "100 Years of Style" videos I find on Mode, and since the new year brings about all kinds of health & fitness thoughts and goals, I thought I'd share their 100 Years of Workout Style! And maybe more interesting than the clothes themselves are all the gadgets used to exercise in each decade! We definitely had a thighmaster in our house growing up in the 90s!! 

What's your favorite decade featured here? I have to admit, I'm still loving the 80s when it comes to workout attire! (In this video, I should clarify! Haha I don't wear 80s workout attire to exercise in!) 


Weekend Wear

This weekend is Shivering Songs, a music festival that takes place every January - it always comes at just the right time, after you've been able to take a few weeks off from holiday boozing/indulgences but just before you're starting to go absolutely stir crazy from staying in with Netflix for a few weeks in a row. It's a great chance to be social, catch some great music and have a few beverages! 

It's been ages since I've done a "weekend wear" post, so I thought I'd do one for what I wish I was wearing this weekend! Equal parts cozy and cute, this outfit is perfect with the cozy striped sweater, edgy coated denim and super warm winter coat for when you're running from venue to venue (usually in -20 degree weather and lots of snow!) 


Bits & Pieces

I always find this a really weird time of the year in terms of shopping/wishlisting. I'm caught in this in-between, where my mind automatically dreams of spring once Christmas is over, but living in Canada I know that we will be buried in snow for months before we see any glimpse of spring. So wishlisting is hard, and I don't tend to buy much, but I thought I'd do up a little collage of some things that are currently on my mind. Bits & pieces, random things. 

I still very much want a pair of black lace up flats. I tried to get a pair last summer but it didn't work out, and then winter hit and it felt like there was no point. But they are still on my radar and I'll be trying to hunt down a pair for when spring finally arrives!

 I've also been really drawn to larger gold earrings, which is quite a change for this stud-loving girl. I've worn little besides cute Kate Spade studs this past year (I own these & these in emerald) but I'm loving this solid colored, chunky, geometric sort of earrings lately, 

I'm feeling the need for a few new shades of nail polish as I've only been wearing red for the last month, but I'm not quite ready for spring's punchy pinks, so something in between in these muted berry sort of shades would be just perfect. 

And I am in major need of sunglasses - I was already down to one main pair when our car got broken into and they got swiped (they weren't expensive, but they were my go-to pair) so I need to find a replacement pair or two asap.

Do you find this time of year hard to shop or are you all about the post-Christmas sales?