Fall Kick Off

This week is Harvest Jazz & Blues week in my town, which is an annual fall music festival that brings everyone out & the excitement is palpable! It's also usually what feels like the "fall kick off" - it's usually the first time I wear tights, boots & scarves each year. But not this year! It's hot - like middle of summer hot. Not that I'm complaining, but this brain of mine is fully invested in fall fashion and am confused that I'm wearing summer dresses to a Harvest event. 

This is another little round up of some things that have caught my eye lately. I have a white version of that Free People top from the spring and I absolutely love it - I get a lot of wear out of it and I think this rich burgundy version is just so pretty! I also really want to add that gray tweed skirt to my fall wardrobe - so perfect for the office and will go with so many things! It's hard to see from here but if you go to the site and zoom in you can see there are all kinds of pretty little flecks of color in it aside from the gray! 

Hope you all had a great week! Happy Friday!



It's not that I'm wishing away the warm weather, but every day I am surprised to wake up to another hot, beautiful day, and there is a little part of me that's wondering where fall is! But for now, I'll keep wearing my sundresses & sandals and make collages of pretty fall things while I wait! ;) 

What can I say, I'm a monochromatic girl at heart! Give me shades of gray, black & white stripes, and black leather and I'm a happy girl. 


100 Years of Fashion

Check out Mode 100 Years of...
by Kari King Doty at Mode

Love this little video featuring 100 years of fashion from Mode. I surprised myself by finding the 60's to be my favorite (aside from modern day, of course!) but that was the one I was most drawn to. What was your favorite?