Last Minute Gifts (That Can Still Arrive on Time!)

Last Minute Gift Ideas from Shopbop

The countdown is on, my friends! Christmas is literally just days away now. If you're STILL not done your shopping and scrambling for those last minute gifts, I've rounded up some awesome gift ideas that can still make it here in time thanks to Shopbop's super fast shipping! Check them out! I, for one, would love to see any of these under the tree!

I'm thankfully just down to a few stocking stuffers left to get plus a few grocery items to whip up some Christmas appetizers! 

Happy shopping!


Sale on Sale!

My favorite online shop, Shopbop, is having a SALE ON SALE! There's an extra 30% off their sale items which means you're getting up to 65% off some pieces! Those leggings are just $29 after the sale! These are some of my favorites from the sale but there is sooo much more - literally thousands of items, so get browsing! 

This sale ends TODAY! Use code EXTRA30 at checkout! Happy shopping! 


My Christmas Wishlist

Christmas gift guides are plentiful this time of year in the blog world, but I'm always interested to see what bloggers are actually hoping for for themselves! I think it's interesting to see what's on their OWN personal wishlists, so I thought I'd give that a try! This is a collection of things I'd love to personally see under my tree. There are other things that didn't make the collage, like a big soup pot, flannel sheets and pajamas/lounge clothes, but I simply ran out of room here.

Essentially, cute J.Crew/Factory pieces to keep me cozy and warm, a Saje Wellness diffuser and essential oils to help battle the dry air and my ongoing allergies, any book from the Thug Kitchen collection, as I've been feeling pulled towards meatless dishes and these sound super fun, some cute boots, and some hair/skincare products for these dry winter months.

What are you hoping to see under YOUR tree?