A Few Things for Spring

Last weekend we fiiiiiiinally got a warm, sunny spring day! I sat outside in shorts and soaked up the glorious sun and it made me so excited for warm days ahead! While I'm still wearing pants & a leather jacket and often a scarf still, I know that warm sunny days are just around the corner! 

And of course, with that my urge to shop increases dramatically. I'll take one of everything above, please!! I'm definitely ordering the lace off the shoulder top and telling myself that it should probably be the last off the shoulder top I buy for a while - 3 is enough, seeing as I can't wear them to work so they're strictly evening & weekend wear. But does an off the shoulder dress count? I don't have one of those yet, and this one is SO sweet. ;) These are both under $80, just FYI!


Tassels Tassels Tassels!

Sometimes seasons pass where I really don't take to any of the trends and nothing in stores appeals to me. Then there are seasons like this spring where EVERYTHING appeals to me and I'm wanting everything in sight. So along with my off the shoulder obsession, I'm also completely obsessed with tassels! They are so cute and fun for summer time and just add such a playful touch to an outfit. Here's a round up of some super adorable options! 

What's your take on the tassel??


Song of the Week!

In the last month or so I've become increasingly obsessed with Jack Garratt. I struggled with which song to choose to post here, but since this is one of the only ones with an actual video I opted for this one - plus it's suuuuper good - but I am also very much in love with Fire & Worry. Man oh man. All so good. Mostly I just suggest checking out the entire album, because it's that good.

Happy weekend, friends!